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NOTICE: Phones Closed Thanksgiving Day


As the most isolated major land mass in the world, Hawaii has flora, fauna and a culture like no where else in the world. Formed over 8 million years ago by still active volcanoes the geography is sheer and magical. Set near the equator but blessed with ever present slight trade winds, the islands have a near perfect climate that averages 80 degrees year round. So come and visit our Hawaii Vacation Rentals.

Comprised of seven major islands and hundreds of seldom seen small islands scattered to the North and West, Hawaii is a diverse and stunning place.

There are a great many kinds of accommodations in the islands, from giant villas in destination resorts to hotel room budget units in higher traffic spots like Waikiki. At Sunspots we have a nice range and specialize in vacation rental condos and homes.


Hawaii has a culture that many appreciate for its emphasis on the "Aloha," a true life style that embraces sensitivity for others, a love of the "aina" the land and respect for everything that surrounds us. The word itself can mean love, compassion and harmony and may be used as a casual greeting or as one of profound respect. Hawaiian's don't use Aloha as tourist slogan - although you will be greeted by it repeatedly - but instead as a genuine reminder of how people in Hawaii expect to live their lives.

In Hawaii cultural thoughts are interrelated. For example the Hula is a dance seen often at hotels, concerts and festivals. But it is also a genuine art form and a righteous craft taken very seriously by its practitioners. Adherence to Hula principals requires one to be "pono" to live and do right.

While most have heard some forms of Hawaiian music, in fact there is no single such thing. Slack key guitar playing is one skill as is "leo ki`eki`e" a kind of Hawaiian falsetto and one of its greatest contributions to culture. The list of well known Hawaiian songs is long and decades ago hapa-houle (part Hawaiian part non-Hawaiian) songs were all the rage on Broadway and in films.

If you visit Hawaii, be sure to check for a listing of local concerts and events. Or keep an eye out at the beach or parks for adlib music get together. The level of musicianship is astounding because it stars early. Drive by any elementary school as it gets out for the day and I'll see every other child with an Ukulele over their shoulder. Music is way of life in Hawaii.

Hawaii is also rich in traditional hand arts such as weaving and chants.


There may be no place in the world that can compare with the variety of activities as in Hawaii. On the sea you can go whale watching, scuba diving or deep sea fishing. From shore you can swim, scuba or kit or wind surf. And don't forget just lounging in the sun, but be careful it burns quicker than you think due to the state's proximity to the equator.

In most areas you can rent bikes or long rides through the country side or, better yet, take an all down hill ride from the summit of a mountain to the beach. Due to the precipitous peaks and valleys, hiking is a favored activity and be sure to do some birding along the way. Hawaii is home to a dazzling array of bird life found no where else in the world.

From the air Hawaii is even more spectacular so consider a helicopter extravaganza to see what most folkswill miss. There are also small aircraft flights and even ultra light aircraft. Para-shooting too for the adventurous.

In recent years zip-lining and irrigation ditch float trips have become the rage because you can get back into ranch lands usually off limits for visitors. There you'll see pristine mountain rivers and deep jungle like locations.

Oh - and don't worry too much about pests - Hawaii has no snakes and fewer pesky bugs than other tropical climates. We do have, however, the ever present Geckos, a kind of small lizard that brings good luck because they eat bugs. You'll often find them perched next to the light outside your front door.


You can get most any kind of great food in Hawaii from Asian Fusion to European and Continental. But you'll definitely want to experience Hawaiian cuisine at one of the many visitor oriented restaurants and cafes. And be sure to spend an evening at one of the many sumptuous luaus. The food will be great as will the authentic entertainment.


On each island you will find small lodges, bed and breakfast operations and a wide variety of private vacation homes for rent. These range from small budget oriented condos to expansive villas for the rich and famous. Picking a vacation rental home takes a bit of work. You must pick the island you prefer, the town or resort area, the management company to work with and the specific home you want to occupy. Finding your perfect place will be worth the effort.

Staying in a private Sunspot vacation rental home beats a small hotel room everytime. You'll have more fun and feel more at home. Sunspots offers quality homes, in great locations and plenty of personal service. Call today to get the best selection.

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